Blown to Kelvedon...

Over 30 Easy Riders assembled on Drury Lane on a bright sunny day at the end of February. I missed who led the long ride, but it was tailed by Peter Rhodes, Mick led the middle ride, and Julie led the short, tailed by me. We pedalled off down Manor Street and along Millennium Way. Here I discovered I had forgotten to put on my sun visor – with the sun being low in the sky and us riding east, I was absolutely dazzled by brilliant light. At Fowlers Farm, Julie made a great job of getting our group assembled in the entry at the top of Long Green, and we rode in an exemplary manner down to Silver End – well spread out, with groups of 3, 2, 1, and 3, enabling traffic to pass easily. Health & Safe

Mick’s Magical Mystery Tour

I didn’t get my act together to write last week’s blog, but thought I’d give you the photos anyway. First photos are of BER members serving their community, by sweeping up broke glass. The next set show how clearly hand signals can be seen, depending on your colour of clothing. And by now, everyone knows just how much I love hi-vi clothing! This week’s ride was to Chelmsford with the long ride led by Tim, the medium led by Mick, tailed by Peter Skirrow, and the short ride went to Terling led by Ian and tailed by Gwen. The medium group’s route was a new one to me, and headed to a new café for the Easy Riders. We pedalled due south into a headwind down London Road, reaching Great Leighs before

Round and round

We started with a reminder from Mick about his email about observation. Succinctly: look around before manoeuvring; indicate your moves clearly to other riders and traffic; tell other riders of hazards. I’m aware that I am not flexible and find looking behind difficult, so Jim is going to fix a new mirror to my helmet and see whether this helps. As it will be close to my eyes, I hope I can focus at such close distance. We pedalled off down the Flitch Way, turning right onto Gatewoods Lane just after Rayne Station. We rode north on Pods Lane to Saling, then headed south to Blake End, where we did a left/right and took the bridge over the A120. We took the concrete farm track to Graunts Court

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