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A brief blog from a one-handed non-rider! 09/02/2023

This week’s ride dawned frosty with bright sunshine. Many riders assembled in Weavers Park from 0915 onwards.

I was not riding, as I’d fallen in the garden and broken my left wrist. However, I wanted to go and see my mates, and have a chat. This is one of the under-sung benefits of the Easy Riders – the social contact. I spent about 45 minutes happily talking to people from our 3 riding groups, and taking some photos that showed the weather and group members. What not to like!

Once everyone pedalled off, I did my shopping, went home, and my husband Jim took me to meet the long group at Black Notley Church café. Health & safety tip for the day comes from a story I told to our long group. Several years ago, Jim was competing in a long-distance triathlon in Australia – 4k lake swim, 120k bike, 30k run. After an unseasonably cold week when he was acclimatising after a long-haul flight, race day was extremely hot – 30 degrees C. His swim was fantastic. After c115k of the 120k bike, he hit a pothole. From tiredness and slowed reactions, he forgot to just ride through, and tried to avoid it, effectively turning the wheel as he hit the pothole. This means you fall off. Hard! Race over! Broken helmet, bruised sternum, sprained AC joint in shoulder and road rash down right side. So, if you’re going too fast to avoid a pothole, ride through and accept a spoke/tyre repair if it happens.

Easy Riders will be riding without me for another 5 weeks. Poo! But have a lovely time on your bikes, and I will continue to be deeply envious of you!

Cathy MacTaggart


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