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Easy Riders Halesworth Holiday Day 1 Ride 09/05/2023

About 20 Easy Riders assembled at Halesworth, Old Hall Cottages on Monday 8 May. Some of us had a quick 10-mile scoot around the local lanes for an afternoon ride, and much to my satisfaction, they were lovely, quiet, virtually flat lanes with almost no traffic. Win!

We started with a communal meal as is usual for us – fantastic, vast quantities, and all home cooked. There were curries, chillies, Turkish dishes, and salads, followed by home-made raspberry & almond, and blackberry & apple crumbles. Yum-diddly-Dum!

On Tuesday our day ride was shortened and diverted due to the inclement weather forecast. Health and safety tip for the day is to increase distances between in riders when it is wet. Braking distances are considerably increased when wheels and brakes are wet. We set off in steady drizzle, hoping it was not set in for the day. We soon split into two groups. Storms forecast for the afternoon meant we rode to Bungay, stopping off at St Peter’s Brewery and St Lawrence’s church.

Roger’s botanical contribution for today is that the local name for cowslips is Peggles, and then he found some lesser purple orchids in the wayside. Good spot Roger. The day then steadily improved until we were riding in bright sunshine.

Steve ‘s mathematical contribution was to identify that we had 14 riders, and 5 were on electric bikes, which is about 35%. Consensus is that electric bikes are a great addition to the repertoire of Easy Riders and enable riders to continue riding once hills or distance become a limiting factor.

Roger’s other claim to fame for the day, was to be the first rider to have a puncture. Steve and Peter ably assisted him to get the back wheel off, and Steve was delighted to find a flint in the tyre (so at least Roger knew it was removed). Teamwork succeeded in getting Roger back on the road.

29.6 miles. 8.2mph.

Cathy MacTaggart


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