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Easy Riders Halesworth Holiday Day 2 Ride 10/05/2023

Today’s ride was to Minsmere via Dunwich. Another day when sunshine and thundery showers were forecast, but none materialised.

We pedalled off eastwards in two groups, and Lawrence became the second group member to have a puncture, except his repair was complicated by having the tyres that have the self-sealing gunk in them, and the replacement inner tube having a long split along the side. Several Easy Riders sagely quoted our illustrious former leader Mick “always check new tubes – take them out of the box and inflate them because you’d be surprised how many flaws they can have”. We’re not surprised anymore!

We passed a vintage tractor being driven along by what looked like a 14-year-old. Either he looked way younger than he was, or he was driving on a public road without a licence!

Health & safety tip for the day is to follow the Countryside Code. Today we passed through a few gates, and Peter in particular, was excellent at making sure we closed all the gates we opened.

We arrived at Minsmere and had toasties and cream teas for lunch. Roger and Lawrence went for a short 20-minute walk and, with amazing observation skills, saw/heard an amazing number of birds:

Nightingale Buzzard Sparrow hawk Common Whitethroat

Skylark Chiff Chaff House Sparrow Robin Blackbird Great Spotted Woodpecker Sand Martin Swallow Stone Chat Magpie Jackdaw Carrion crow.

Lawrence rhapsodised about listening to about 4 nightingales on the way in and out of Minsmere, and Roger described a male stonechat sitting at the top of a bush, singing his heart out to attract the female of the species. Roger spoke fondly of getting his scout Naturalist badge by carrying out a study of nuthatches many years ago. Lawrence was also sagely articulate about the joys of birdwatching, particularly the peaceful pleasures of watching the more common birds and using quiet observation skills to identify different behaviours.

By this time the sun was out, and we paddled/sat on the shingle beach. I caught the sun on my face because I’d left the sun cream in the accommodation. Our group split into two again and pedalled back to our accommodation. Some of us had a swim before reconvening for the barbecue. Peter Sk, John, and I cooked, and everyone partook of extensive freshly cooked food. A good time was had by all.

28 miles c9 mph.

Cathy MacTaggart


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