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Easy Riders to Oliver's Nursery 28/09/2022

Easy Riders assembled as usual in Weavers Park from about 0915 onwards. It was sunny, but cooler - just right for a bike ride. As I arrived, I noticed a new rider, Tim. I’d spoken to him a week or so previously at The Stores, when I had done a solo ride. We’re glad you’ve come to join us, Tim!

The long ride set off, led by Gifford, tailed by Ian heading to the Snack Shack at Gosfield Lake (also the destination for the short ride). Andy C commented that they found every significant hill in a 5 mile radius of the town, as they cycled round the outskirts of two-thirds of Braintree. The medium ride split into two, heading towards Greenstead Green and skirting Earls Colne airfield on their way to the Black Horse Nursery at Oliver's Garden Centre. I’m always delighted when any of our riders say they have not ridden a particular road before, and this week it was our new rider, Tim, who said he had never ridden Nightingale Hall Lane! These small delights make me happy!

Health & safety tip for the week is about kit. Now that ‘summer has collapsed into fall’ (Oscar Wilde), riders need to ensure they have the right kit for colder rides. It’s time to make sure you have both full finger and half finger gloves so you can change between them according to the weather. I usually have hot hands and have recently bought half finger gloves with long wrists, which are great for autumn riding. Also if you are prone to getting a cold head when riding on autumn days, get a helmet cover. These not only keep your head dry in rain, but also trap air over your head and keep your head warm (25% of body heat is lost through the head, more if you are follically challenged!). Additionally a buff is useful – it keeps your neck and chin warm, and if really cold, can be pulled up over the back of the head, under your helmet. These small bits of kit are always good to put on your next birthday/Christmas suggestion list! And finally, if you have a choice of colour, pick hi-visibility – it makes you more easily seen by car drivers, particularly the hi-vi gloves which make your hand signals very clear.

Tim Bright’s medium group returned via a concrete track that led towards the north east side of Coggeshall, then we crossed the

. It was only about 2 weeks since I’d ridden this road, and there is a huge amount of earth-moving going on. Tim speculated that although the new A120 road is meant to be stalled, this is the site of the new incinerator. These works seem to be progressing apace.

To avoid encountering traffic at the MacDonald's roundabout, we returned via Polecat Lane and Mill Lane in Cressing, and dispersed to our various homes from Millennium Way.

26 miles, 10.6mph all in good company.

Cathy MacTaggart


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