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Mild Sunny January Day 11/01/2023

There were plenty of Easy Riders ready to ride at Weavers Park. The Long Group, led by Tim and Ian, set off to Dunmow; the Medium led by Peter Skirrow and Peter Milner; and the Short was led by Bill T and Lawrence.

The medium group split into two, as there were 15 of us. We headed out up Bocking Church Street and made our way across to Lyons Hall Road, before reaching Plaistow Green. We then headed back west, crossing the A131 to get to Gosfield Antique Centre.

We had our usual eclectic range of conversations at our tea stop. Steve B told us about how, when he ran the Post Office and General Stores in Felsted, one of the local residents, Suzi Quatro, came in for some shopping. In the early 1980s, very loosely knitted sweaters were in fashion (I know, I wore some of these fashion disasters!). Suzi was wearing one … and was not wearing anything else underneath! His shop assistant – eyes on stalks! - was quite mesmerised by this and Steve duly instructed him to go and sort out stock in the storeroom!

At the tea stop I had a conversation with the Knit & Natter group. They were making all sorts of things – baby cardigan; crochet storage bag; lace cardigan; scarves and bandanas. I’m always impressed by people who can crochet – I can knit, but crochet gives me acute neck pain. Groups like this turn a teashop into a community hub and are to be encouraged.

From the tea stop we continued in two groups, one heading back via Bovingdon Road, and the other going across to Shalford Green and then south to Rayne. I took my group through Gosfield, then up a steady incline and stopped for a drink to let the support rider at the back catch up. I was just about to set off again, when they reached us, when Julie ticked me off, and instructed me to let everyone have time for a drink. So – health & safety tip for the day – ride leaders to remember to pause the group and let all riders have time to drink. Just because it is winter, riders still need to keep hydrated. Julie Was Right!

Peter’s half of the group headed due west, and found some flooded roads to cycle across, but happily made their way back to various destinations around Rayne.

24 miles for Peter’s group, 20 for mine. Joyful conversations throughout.

Cathy MacTaggart


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