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The Day of the AGM! 18/10/2023

Easy Riders assembled as usual in Weavers Park, and all groups anticipated a shorter-than-usual ride because of the AGM at 1200 at the church hall at Our Lady Queen of Peace church.

Prior to departure, I discovered another of our group members has hidden talents. One of our riders is a wood turner who makes household objects (e.g., clocks on turned mounts) and sells them at car boot sales. His wife is also multi-talented and knits dog coats, lines them with fabric and sells them alongside his wooden items.

Storm Babet had been forecast, so everyone pedalled off promptly. The medium group split into two and headed north via Panfield to Saling. As ride leader, I was anxious about finishing the ride early enough for the AGM, so I had planned a couple of shortcuts. Our second group, led by Bill Baker, had faster riders than my group, so they rode the loop around Great Saling, whereas my group went straight down Shalford Road to Rayne. Thence via Fairy Hall Lane to cross the country park to Café Plaza. This was the first time I’d used this café – and the portions are HUGE, and quite reasonably priced.

We departed along Rutherford Park, on a fantastic new cycleway. As leader, I came to an emergency stop and nearly fell off my bike as there was an 18” drop to a lower road level, where a side road had been planned, but not built. Underwhelmed by the non-existence of the surface, I went on the Braintree Council pothole reporting website. I was astonished to discover that Rutherford Park is not listed as existing on this website. It looks like it is planned but not built! So, I could not report it as a hazard to cyclists, and therefore it won’t be fixed. I huffed and puffed about this all the way back to the AGM.

AGM was speedily resolved. Our committee members will continue in their roles (thanks from all members); we are solvent; we are trained. All riders please concentrate on riding safely – gaps between riding group i.e., the ‘5 rider rule’; second rider in group to wait on the turn; and obey the highway code.

Cathy MacTaggart


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