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The Snug 16/08/2023.

The Easy Riders assembled as usual, from 0915, in Weavers Park. The Long Ride pedalled off at 0930, followed by the Medium Ride at 0945, with Ian T taking his half the ride on a clockwise loop and Ann taking her half on the anti-clockwise loop. The Short Ride departed at 1000.

Ian took us out via route 30, down to The Snug at High Easter. Today’s health & safety tip is about seasonal variations in road hazards. This week we came across several tractors and heavily loaded trailers with hay bales, making sharp turns out of fields onto the road. On one occasion, our group was pedalling close together, chatting happily, and another rider and I had to do a sharp emergency stop as a couple of tractors turned out of a field in front of us. So, in summertime, be ready for farm vehicles, and possibly even talk a little less!

Mike said he had taken his bike into Doer Cycles. He was impressed with the service - quoted £300 for new drive chain and service. He likes the way Dave is totally upfront about how much it will cost and was delighted when the cost came in at £265, and his bike will be returned to him on Friday! And Mike's other bike is going to be on its way for a service then too.

We pedalled back via Onslow Green, and up Mill Lane to Felsted. As we headed through Watch House Green to join the Flitch Way, Neville punctured. He has one of the self-healing puncture tubes on his bike, and some white gunk sprayed out of the tyre. He fiddled about with it 3 times and tried re-inflating it, but it failed to seal. So, I rang Jim to request a pick-up, and as soon as Jim was on his way, Neville’s tyre sealed itself! So, the rest of the team pedalled on home as they were mobile again, and I waited for Jim to arrive. He does not mind being called out, and it is very reassuring to know we have a back-up recovery service if it’s needed!

24 miles, average 10mph.

Cathy MacTaggart


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