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Easy Riders Egging each other on 13/03/2024

After all the repetitive rain of late, Wednesday dawned cool and dry. Hurrah! Plenty of Easy Riders assembled in Weavers Park, with Ann & Dee taking the short ride to The Stores, Peter Sk & Mike taking the medium ride to The Blue Egg, and Steve & Jim taking the long ride to Bakelicious.

Health & safety tip for the day is about route planning and is from Steve. Ashes Road to Cressing is now closed for a month, until mid-May, while the local road authority put in a new roundabout for a new housing development. Not even bikes will be able to get through until then.

The medium ride split into 2 groups of 7 and headed off via Queenborough Lane to Rayne. On the way Mike demonstrated his ace local knowledge and put us on the bike path across the A131 roundabout at the Astronomer, which avoided riding the roundabout itself. Much safer! After reaching Saling, our group split, with the lead group going straight up Bardfield Road to the Blue Egg. As I find that Bardfield Road has poor visibility and many lorries for the feed store on it, the other half of the group went via Bardfield Saling. We ended up riding through a known flood area … that was a bit deeper than expected -so we had wet feet! All my fault! Sorry, team!

Interesting conversation for the day was with Neville. His Sea Scout group have been practising their cooking skills on an open fire. They have been experimenting with potatoes Lyonnaise and potatoes Boulangere. Basically, sliced potatoes fried, and cooked with variations of stock, herbs, onions, cheese and (essential ingredient to appeal to the youthful scout palate) bacon! According to Nev, the Scouts have mastered sliced potato recipes, but their Christmas roast potatoes need some refinement!

After our break at The Blue Egg, Peter had planned a great route back. Through Great Bardfield, Walthams Cross, and Blackmore End, then down to Beazley End. Here we dropped in on Peter and Sue, who are moving house on Friday. They are heading to Brightlingsea, to live near their son. Heartfelt thanks to Peter and Sue, for all their contributions to BER over the years. We wish you peace and contentment in your new home, close to family.

26 miles, 8.8mph.


Cathy MacTaggart


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