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Belsteads 15/11/2023

After days of drizzle, Wednesday dawned bright and sunny and plenty of riders came out to ride.  So off we went on wet and slippy roads to Olivers Nursery, Belsteads and the Blue Egg, for the long, medium, and short rides. 


Health & safety tip for the day is to watch out for wet leaves in this weather.   Plenty of rain, and mild weather means they will decompose into a slippery mess, conceal puddles and potholes and be a general hazard to riders.  So, ride with anticipation, and don’t brake suddenly on wet leaves!


The medium ride headed south to Belsteads.  Today’s conversation was with Tim, who, it turns out, edits various specialist technical magazines.  I’d been pulled up on my OU essays about minor grammatical errors – like the need to hyphenate ‘first-class’ – which I think it is a truly trivial detail, whereas Tim finds all this stuff pertinent and easy!  Then Tim and I had a debate about when to use peddling or pedalling in context.  I’m so glad I don’t work anymore, and or need to get it right when it matters! 


Returning from Belsteads, Peter found us a lovely route via Broomfield, Great Waltham and back on our usual route through Littley Green.  


26 miles, average 9.8mph

Cathy MacTaggart

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