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Floodwatch 13/12/2023

On a dismal, damp day, there were reduced numbers of Easy Riders assembling in Weavers Park.  The Long Ride set off towards Dunmow, the Medium Ride headed to Hatfield Peverel and the Short Ride went off to Bakealicious in Coggeshall.


Peter Sk, having driven yesterday on flooded roads to Kelvedon (which was today’s planned ride destination), changed the destination of the medium group, to head to Hatfield Peverel.  Instead, we identified different flooded roads, on the way to Hatfield Peverel.  Floods were present on Ranks Green Road; all along Fairstead Road; at the bottom of Crabbs Hill in Nounsley; and Braintree Road, just north of Terling.  Most floods were neatly gushing from one side of the road to the other, but not in torrent and not over potholes! 


The wind was from the north, so we flew down to Hatfield Peverel, but on the way back it was into a headwind, and I was very slow toiling up the hills.  The group always waited at turns at the top of an incline, so good riding etiquette got us back to Braintree together. 


Many thanks to all ride leaders/supports for a much-needed trip out on a damp and miserable day.


25 miles, only 8.8 mph average!

Cathy MacTaggart


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