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Dodging the Rain 01/11/2023

Having checked for weather warnings, the decision was for BER rides to go ahead. It was a good call – some slight drizzle as we arrived at Weavers Park, but generally the rain held off, and Storm Ciaran had not yet arrived.

We generally had reduced numbers because of the damp conditions, but plenty of riders turned up with their version of appropriate clothing for the conditions, and this is the subject for health & safety tip of the day. I’d lost my cycle helmet cover, so had to buy one from Cycles UK on my way up. Some riders had helmet covers to keep the wet out, others had beanie hats under their helmets to keep them warm. Some had sunglasses (this bemused me a bit!), others had vermillion lenses that make the environment appear sun-bathed. Whatever is your right answer in wet or cold weather, make sure you have your gear with you!

The Long Ride diverted its destination to The Blue Egg and cut its distance to 22 miles. The Medium Ride did a lovely circuit clockwise round Braintree to Cressing Temple, and the Short Ride went to Bedsteads.

On the way there, we went past some spectacular roadworks near Silver End, where new heavy duty electric cable was being laid. The workmen were quite surprised at our friendly comments when they moved their barriers to let us past. I suspect they are rather more used to car drivers being less nice than us!

I’d recently been listening to Michael Mosely on Just One Thing (health blog) on the radio. His latest tip is to go out and exercise after it’s been raining. Apparently, the air quality is as good as it’s going to get post-rain, for all sorts of scientific reasons. So today, the Easy Riders were ahead of the game and generally got home dry!

22 miles, good company, and a fine time had by all.

Cathy MacTaggart


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