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Tracking to Cornerstone Church, Black Notley 11/10/2023

It was a clear, bright day when Easy Riders assembled in Weavers Park. We have a fair number of riders with dodgy hips, knees and ankles, and this week, Mark was sporting a one-long-legged number to protect his knee. He was ribbed about possibly demonstrating his support for the Masonic Lodge and rolling up his trouser leg! No matter Mark – it was a very stylish ensemble that you had created!

Peter Sk had planned a great route for the Medium Group – lots of tracks around Phyllis Currie nature reserve; Rochester Farm Bridge; Green Lane; Snakey Lane; and Fairstead Hall Lane to Ranks Green Road. The weather was perfect for tracks – dry enough to ride them, but damp enough not to be dusty. Good call, Peter.

Health & safety tip for the week is about the change in weather. Now is the time to dust off your long-fingered gloves; buffs; helmet covers and waterproofs. All the small bits of gear should be available somewhere on your bike. If you don’t need them, they can be made available to someone else if they are cold. If you can warm up your hands, neck and head, these small bits of kit can make the most incredible difference to being able to complete a ride. Cold riders should be encouraged to ask others if they need more kit to keep warm. (And, thinking ahead to Christmas, they are good things to put on your Christmas present list, preferably in fluorescent colours).

Cathy MacTaggart


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