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A Brilliant Spring Day 12/04/2023

It was a fantastic day for a bike ride, bright, clear, and sunny, with a bit of a gusty wind.

I’d been feeling a wuss, with a sore hand caused by too much enthusiasm on the wrist physiotherapy, after the removal of my cast. I rode again with the short group, which was exactly what I needed – shorter distance, and plenty of good company.

Our ride leader, Bill Twinn, took us down Blackley Lane and over through Cock Green – lovely quiet, picturesque lanes, scattered with cowslips burgeoning with blossom. There was plenty of conversation going on with riders cycling two abreast often. Health & safety tip for the day is to pay attention when riding two abreast and talking. Particularly when approaching a bend, please listen for traffic and remember to single out, as oncoming vehicles can’t see us, and we can’t see them. I apply this rule particularly (but not only) to myself, as I’ve had to quickly single out, having seen an oncoming car. Our tail rider, Lawrence, was particularly good at calling up the line of riders when he heard traffic to the rear.

We arrived at Wood Cottage tearoom at Felstead and fell on tea and buns. We pedalled back from Felstead, successfully creating a gap in the middle of our group, enabling traffic to pass us in two movements. We finished by pedalling down the Flitch Way where the group gave me a floppy wrist wave as I departed the group.

Cathy MacTaggart


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